Solar Backpack
  1. Product Name:Solar Backpack

  2. Product Number:LQ-EB3
  3. Product Spec:18"*6"*12"
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  5. Time:2012-08-20 21:49:05
  6. Summary:Solar pane:2.5W;Output Voltae:5.5~6.0V;Support:Mobile phone/Digital camera/IPOD etc.;Kits include:1 Connection cable,6 mobile phone connectors,1 universal charger(110V-230V).

  • Recharging with Solar backpacks- if you can't live without your electronic gadgets,solar backpacks are an eco-friendly source of renewable energy that you can use to charge your electronics.Solar backpacks are compatible with most of today’s technology. It is essentially as simple as just putting your electronic device in any of the compartments and allowing it to charge.
  • Large main compartment for maximum capacity which accommodates most 14" laptops. Computer sleeve with detachment buckle and clear window for easy scanning. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and top grab handle with front zippered pocket with multi-function organizer along with side pocket for easy accessibility to charging components. Last but not least is a reinforced, eco-friendly backing (non-PVC).
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